Renewing of Vows

Recapturing a wedding day or celebrating a special anniversary through the renewal of vows can be a romantic, magical, exciting and fun thing to do. Couples can renew their vows whenever and however many times they want. Whether a couple has been married for one or twenty-five years, the renewal of vows is a gesture of love and commitment.

Couples may have been married abroad and want to celebrate with family and friends who were unable to be with them during their wedding day. Some couples may even have been through a period where their relationship has suffered and they both now want to make a fresh start by renewing their vows to each other.

For a number of reasons, many couples do not initially manage to have the dream wedding they always wanted; others simply loved their wedding day so much that they want to relive it again and again. No matter what the reason is, no one has to have only one wedding ceremony!

Today, more and more couples are renewing their vows. Although various churches offer vow renewal ceremonies, couples often take this opportunity to have a more flexible ceremony and include many personal aspects of their life together.

The ‘Record of Ceremony’ document given to couples after the ceremony cannot be used as proof of identification; the ceremony itself is not legally binding. A couple’s original wedding certificate will not be altered to show that the renewal of vows ceremony took place.

Reasons Why You May Want to Renew Your Marriage Vows

A renewal of marriage vows is appropriate for married couples regardless of how long they have been married.

  • Many couples get married in a different country but want to celebrate their marriage
    locally with family and friends.
  • Special anniversaries – 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, etc. – are a wonderful opportunity for a renewal of vows ceremony.
  • Some couples may have had a difficult time and want to start afresh.
  • A vow renewal ceremony is the perfect way for couples to make a public statement of their love and commitment to each other.
  • Many couples originally had a civil wedding, and now want to have a religious ceremony.

Writing your own Wedding Vows

If you’re considering writing your own vows for a renewal ceremony, there are three aspects you might like to include.

1. First, reflect on your life together since you first made your vows.

  • What was it like buying your first home, or travelling round the world?
  • How did you feel at the birth of your children?
  • How did you make these experiences even more important for each other?
  • How do you specifically remember each other at these times?
  • What were the low points and how did you overcome them together?
  • What did you learn about each other during this time?

2. Then look at your original vows.

  • Do you think they have reflected your married life fairly since you made them?
  • Which of them have you both truly kept?
  • Which of them are you still working at?

3. Finally, consider your future together.

  • What are your hopes and dreams?
  • How does this differ from the future you envisaged when you first made your vows?
  • What are you going to do differently from now on, and what are you going to keep the same?

You might like to start by saying: ‘We stand here today before family and friends as we have stood here before. In front of them I again take. . .’ Or alternatively: ‘Ten years from the day on which we were first joined together, my faith in this marriage is stronger than ever. The years we have spent together have given me the joy with which I promise again to be your husband/wife.’

Many couples want to celebrate and reaffirm their love and commitment for one another by renewing their marriage vows, either privately or publicly, and by saying ‘I do’ again. The renewal of your vows can be both fun and meaningful.