Martin Wooller

Martin Wooller
Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex
Funeral Services, Memorials, Weddings, Renewal of Vows Ceremonies, Baby Naming Ceremonies, Civil Partnership Ceremonies
01273 204722
07879 698519
81 Centurion Road,Brighton, E. Sussex BN1 3LN

Martin Conducts non-religious Funeral Services, Memorials, Wedding and Renewal of Vows Ceremonies, Baby Naming Ceremonies and Civil Partnership Ceremonies in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.
He also takes weddings abroad and in the UK. In recent years he has taken weddings in France, Italy, Poland and spoken (with some help!) in Turkish, French, Korean, German, Spanish and Italian.
Having had the privilege of leading non-religious ceremonies for 12 years, he has come to understand that no matter how secular the society in which we live, there is still a great need for meaningful and powerful ceremonies that mark the important times in our lives – the Rites of Passage – birth, marriage and death.
Martin will work with you to create a ceremony that reflect what you want and expresses often very intense emotions with dignity and respect to you and those attending.

AREAS SERVED: Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex