Debbie Duggan

Debbie Duggan
Areas Served: Wales

My experience and skills demonstrate a strong aptitude for helping people through challenging times. The theme running through my career history has been about displaying a positive and caring approach towards members of the public.
I have natural empathy with others, especially when dealing with life challenges and I became very aware of the role and value of a Celebrant when dealing with tragedy among family and friends. I had the unfortunate, but rewarding opportunity to guide others through the funeral process and deliver eulogies. This also included the compassionate process of facilitating living wishes and arranging funerals where close relatives of the dying were unable to do so.
The role provides a great opportunity to continue my life-long learning passion around how we all deal with life defining situations with dignity, composure and humanity. Performing as a Celebrant seems a natural step for me both professionally and personally at the maturity of my professional life.


Services Provided: Funeral Services, Wedding Celebration Ceremonies and Naming Ceremonies
Telephone: 01559 362938
Mobile: 07496 442296
Address: Llysarfon, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul, Wales
Training: Debbie was trained by Mountain Celebrations Ltd and holds: NOCN qualification, Level 3 in conducting Funeral Services, Wedding Celebration Ceremonies and Naming Ceremonies. She also holds the Level 4 qualification in conducting Child and Baby Funeral Services.