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Civil Celebrant Training

Training with Mountain Celebrations, you will achieve one of the highest recognised qualifications in the UK, our training is also recognised World Wide. We’ve been training Celebrants in both Funeral and Family Celebrancy for over seven years and pride ourselves, that as working Celebrants we deliver the highest standard of training and support. But our training doesn’t just stop there.

We also offer you a good start in the business either by joining Mountain Celebrations as part of our team, buying a franchise or joining our Celebrants Listing Guide.

NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy

Qualification number is 601/1587/7

NOCN Level 4 Awards in Creating and Conducting Child & Baby Funerals.

Qualification number 601/2153/1

NOCN LEVEL 3 Diploma in Couples & Naming Celebrancy

Qualification Number is 601/1586/5.

Course Dates

Funeral Training is 26th February – 2nd March 2018
Wedding Training is 21st August 2017

Funeral Celebrant Training Programme – NOCN Level 3 Diploma.

This Diploma is the highest level accredited national qualification available in Funeral Celebrancy in the UK.

It is a complete qualification that does not require any other modules or elements in other subjects to be taken to achieve it (unless you are government funded).

On successful completion of the course, you will receive certificates from the awarding body National Open College Network (NOCN) & AGORED (Wales) that reflect your achievement.

The NOCN is a leading credit-based awarding organisation that has been creating opportunities for students and learners for over 30 years.

NOCN Level 3 Diploma – qualification number is 601/1587/7 Learners must achieve 17 units, 54 credits over 381 guided learning hours.

NOCN Level 4 Award in Creating and Conducting Child & Baby Funerals. Qualification number 601/2153/1 – 24 hours of guided learning  – learners must achieve 4 credits from the 2 mandatory units.


Self Funding – £1800 inclusive
To secure a place a £200 Non refundable Booking Fee is required.

Remainder of Course fee’s must be received in full and cleared no later that 21 days prior to the course start date.

Funding – Funding is available in the England, for those who are Employed & Self Employed (Min funded candidates per Couse is 10, so if you require funding you might have to wait for a course).

Additional course modules will be added to the distance learning and funding must be applied for through the training centre MVRRS / WECARE Newport.

Apply for training

Please call or email us for an initial discussion and information on:

Tel: 01495 273244. 
Or Email:  

Details of the application process will be discussed and if you wish we have a large network of Celebrants who we can put you in contact with for feedback on our training.

Application will consist of a written exercise to inform us of why you would like to become a Funeral Celebrant, the attributes and experience you have to bring to the role.  Once this has been assessed you will be issued with a training contract, next course details, and other additional forms (Funding Forms if applicable).  As long as your application meets the required standards, you will be offered the opportunity to begin the training programme.

Stage 1 – Five Day Classroom Training

Course Schedule
What makes a good Celebrant
History of funeral traditions, customs, etiquette
Building good relationships (Funeral Director Crematoriums, cemeteries, and the community)
Family visit and how to obtain the right information How to deal with Family who are in dispute.
Writing a eulogy
Eulogy examples
Music / Visual Presentation / Webcast
Difficult services – Suicide /Murder/ Baby / Children
Tools of the trade. (Poems readings forms etc.)
Organising your information
Time scales
Crematorium Visit and Assessment
Cemetery Visit and Assessment
Funeral Director visit & talk
Mortuary and Embalmer Visit and Talk
Public Speaking
Recommended literature for you to read
Tax and NI – Tax advisor talk (External Trainer)
Public Liability Insurance
Pricing your ceremonies
Printing – Costs / brochures / Flyers
Funeral Service assessment – in Crematorium / Private chapel and   Cemetery.
Role Play
Creative Writing (external trainer)

Stage 2 – Distance learning

You will be issued with the assessment questions and standards on completion of your classroom stage.

You will be required to complete and return all assignments via email to your assessors, in the format requested.

You have 12 months to complete your work –

All work will be assessed and marked, then submitted to AGORED / NOCN.

Once your work has been sent – you will then be notified of your of your Mark.  This is a pass or fail course.

If you are required to re-sit parts of the course an additional parts of the course – A mentor will be in place to assist re-sit fee’s will be required starting at £125.00 per module.

One to one on the job experience will be available for those who chose, this will consist of you accompanying one of our Celebrants during their working day, to experience the actual role within the industry.

Additional Fee’s will apply: Starting at £50 per day. (Self Funding Only)

Tutors and assessors

Your course tutors and assessors will include some of the following people:
Claire Mountain / Kim Churcher /Kathryn John Davies / Gavin Tipple / Bruno Cook

On Completion of your NOCN Level 3 Diploma –
You will professionally & confidently

Conduct a good funeral with confidence and sensitivity.

You will know how to sensitively interview the bereaved and obtain relevant information, effectively translate the information into a well written, accurate script.

You will be able to construct a funeral for a burial or cremation, including the inclusion of both secular and semi religious content with music and poetry of the families or deceased choice.

You will know how to construct and present professional presentations of your scripts for the family.

You will know how to build and deliver alternative ceremonies such as scattering of ashes and memorial ceremonies.

You will have good knowledge of the Funeral industry, how Celebrants and other officiants fit in.

You will be knowledgeable in how to set up a self-employed business as a funeral celebrant, and how to promote and administer your business.

Funeral Celebrants Need –

The role of a successful Celebrant will require you to need the following personal qualities and skills.

•  Good interaction skills with those who are bereaved or distressed.
•  An ability to take control of a situation, and gain trust in a confident way.
•  Be Sensitive to all – regardless of Culture, faith, belief or religion.
•  Sensitive interviewing skills.
•  A professional & smart appearance.
•  Educated to a standard to deliver a high standard of good literary and writing skills i.e. the ability to write concisely, grammatically and effectively.
•  Confident computer skills demonstrating knowledge of Microsoft Office, or similar packages, including the use of email.
•  A good public speaking voice, articulate and clarity are important.
•  Flexibility for working hours (evenings and weekends are often required).
•  A genuine interest in providing choice and quality to the bereaved.

There is no age limit for those wishing to train. On completion of the course, celebrants can either work on a self-employed basis, or can offered a position within an established Celebrant firm.

It is important to build a good working relationship with funeral directors, crematorium staff, and others. The ability to develop and maintain a good reputation in the local community and with other organisation within the Funeral Industry will enable you to build a reputable business.

Whilst we do not stipulate any particular academic qualifications, you will need all of the above qualities to become a successful Celebrant.

On completion of your training you will be offered a discounted membership fee to the AOIC for the first year.  Also Mountain Celebrations will offer you a fee listing on their website for six months.


Naming & Couples Celebrancy Training – NOCN Level 3 Diploma (QCF) Qualification Number is 601/1586/5

Being a celebrant might be just what you are looking for! The role of a Celebrant comes in many different formats. You will be creating wedding blessings with alternative ceremonies. Your help to create and deliver life events, celebrated by families and couples will help them share their memories and will be remembered forever.

Mountain Celebrations has trained our own celebrants to conduct ceremonies to a very high standard for over 7 years. (Recently being mentioned in Destination Weddings Magazine as one of the top 10 Celebrant firms to use for your wedding).

The national qualification

NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy: Naming and Couples

Enables us to train and share with you our knowledge and experience and help you achieve most rewarding occupation you could imagine – Running your own business or joining ours as one of our recommended Celebrants either independently or as part of our Franchise team. (Details of this is available)

Our training is for everyone who would like to create and lead ceremonies. This however is not a 9 – 5 job and those taking on board this role will work weekends, bank holidays and evenings.

Train with us and we will provide you with everything you need, the tools of the trade and most importantly knowledge.

Please contact us on – 01495 273244 

Our Level 3 Diploma is the highest level accredited national qualification available in Naming & Couples Celebrancy in the UK. 

Course Fee’s – £950 Inclusive.

MC will Discount £100 for those who have completed or undergoing their Funeral Celebrant Training with us. (self funding only)

It is a complete qualification that does not require any other modules or elements in other subjects (unless you are to be funded by the government).

On successful completion of the course, you will receive certificates from the awarding body National Open College Network (NOCN) & AGROED that reflect your achievement.

The qualification number is 601/1586/5. It has 13 units, 41 credits and 287 guided learning hours.

There are no formal entry requirements to undertake the qualification, Mountain Celebrations does require you to complete an application form and writing exercise, which both are assessed, our senior Celebrant Claire Mountain and also our affiliated training centre MVRRS / WECARE before a place can be offered on the course.

The training programme contains assessment methods and is operated on a pass/fail basis.

Our training is challenging, and much more involved than many think.   You will be assessed on every aspect of your distance learning and will be required to provide recorded proof (visual and audio) of the practical work undertaken within this programme.

Mountain Celebrations Ltd works with our training provider MVRRS who are a NOCN & AGORED Recognised Learning Centre, providing training to a nationally recognised standard.

Once completed you will be in a position to confidently promote your services as a competent Celebrant

Stage 1: Two Day Classroom training

The classroom training is very hands on and practical, with plenty of roleplay to help you get a feel for the ceremonies.

•  Naming and Couples Ceremonies in the UK
•  Naming Ceremony Content
•  Couples Ceremony Content
•  Creating Scripts
•  Working with Venues
•  Health & Safety
•  Alternative Ceremonies – Sand’s, Hand Fasting, Salts, Jumping the broom etc.
•  Advertising, Marketing.

Our additional Ceremonies are loved by our clients and that’s why we incorporate them into the training so that you can deliver a full and varied amount of options for your clients. You will receive wonderful reference resources throughout the course.

By the end of the training programme you will have learnt:

•  How to set up, and promote your business.
•  How demonstrate full explanation to your clients the choices your offer.
•  How to combine structure of your ceremony with the inclusion of secular and religious content if appropriate, music and poetry.
•  Demonstrate that your ceremonies are truly personal.
•  How to deliver a ceremony with confidence and sensitivity.
•  How to present clients with a beautifully presented souvenir script to keep.

Stage 2 – Distance Learning

Our Courses provide you with all the knowledge you need to complete the 13 mandatory units, achieving 41 credits. It includes an overview of the history of rituals and ceremonies, important legal issues around ceremonies in the UK, communicating with clients, business skills and other essential information.

You will get 12 months to complete this stage.  You will be working at your own pace, but we will be with you all the way to assist in advice and clarify any questions that you might have.

Your required Skills –

You will need the following personal qualities, attributes and skills to become a successful celebrant:

•  Good literary and writing skills i.e. the ability to write concisely, grammatically and effectively.
•  A good public speaking voice and confidence to speak to large groups.
•  Smart appearance.
•  A mature, reassuring manner and effective interviewing skills.
•  Use of a computer and confident computer skills, with good experience of using Microsoft Word (or similar package).
•  Access to and ability to use email is essential.
•  Availability at weekends, when ceremonies may be required.
•  A genuine interest in providing a quality service and improving the choice and quality of ceremonies..

There is no upper age limit for those wishing to train for this work. On successful completion of the course, celebrants either work on a selfemployed basis, or are employed by their organisation. Training on self employment is included.

Payments –

All self funded course fee’ should be paid to Mountain Celebrations Ltd  We accept Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Paypal and  all Visa / MasterCard (credit card payments will be subject to a 2.75% fee).

Mountain Celebrations Ltd.

Account Details : NATWEST
Account No:        35207280
Sort Code:           56-00-59

Ref: FCCT – first four letters of your last name plus date of birth.

All course books & Manual’s
All off site visits & Transportation to those visit.
Refreshments and lunch daily (please advise if you have any special dietary requirements)
Self learning assignments / homework

Mountain Celebrations Terms & Conditions – 

All course bookings are secured on receipt of a non-refundable Booking Fee – Booking Fee amounts depend on which course is chosen.

Final course fee payments must be settled in full 21 days prior to course start date. (These funds must be cleared)

Cancellation of course – if the said course provider Mountain Celebrations Ltd cancel’s the course any time prior to the course start date all paid course fee’s and booking fee’s will be refunded in full.  Or alternatively an additional course date can be offered.

Mountain Celebrations do not take any responsibility for your overnight accommodation / travel fee’s that might be lost due to cancelation of course.

If the said course provider cancels the course due to a number of candidate cancellations – one to one training will be offered for no additional fee… or an additional course date will be offered.

If the said candidate cancels their place on course up to 14 days prior to course start date all course fee’s excluding the booking fee and administration fee of £150 will be refunded in full. 

If the said candidate cancels their place on course after the 14 day cut off point NO REFUND will be refunded however an additional course date will be offered or one to one training within a considered time frame of three months.

Candidates must make themselves aware of their legal rights in cancellation before they sign this contract – once this contract has been signed and received by Mountain Celebrations – there is a 14 day cooling off period. Therefore after that the full payment terms are applied.

So we look forward to meeting you as your chose us to help you start a new career, a career that is warm, rewarding, satisfying and most of all fun.

IF you have any further enquires or question please fee free to contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.

Many thanks 

Claire Mountain – Director


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